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The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer by Lisa Orchard

The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer

By Lisa Orchard

Astraea Press


Fourteen and fifteen year old,  green eyed and blond, Sara and Lacey Cole are spending the summer at their aunt and uncle’s house. They come from the big city, Walker, and are unsure what kind of summer they might have here in the small town of Harrisburg, Michigan.

One hot, humid day Sarah meets Jacqueline Jenkins. Jackie is five inches taller, skinny, curly headed, and fashion conscious. The topic of conversation is the crazy, cat lady that lives down the street. Jackie swears the old woman is a witch. Strange things have been happening to people in and around her house.

Sarah decides that Jackie is the ying to her yang. This could be a great summer after all. They meet up the next day and play truth or dare. The three girls discover that the cat lady has been murdered. They are bound and determined to find this woman’s killer.

Lisa Orchard writes a most descriptive story of the teenage girl’s adventures. This, my fellow readers, is the most exciting, fast paced, realistic, educational, emotional, ‘you just can’t put it down’ books! Truly a story to entice any aged reader.

I absolutely loved it and I want to see more of these Super Spies.

I give Lisa Orchard’s fabulous story 5 Sunflowers!


The Marriage List by Jean Joaquim

The Marriage List

By Jean Joaquim

A New York Nights Novel

Moonlight Books

Thirty year old, sexy  Grey Andrews has been successful for years at making money as an investment broker and banking it away. He is one of the Four Horsemen.  When sandy haired, hazel eyed Grey meets with his three best friends, Will, Spence, and Bobby, he pays great attention to the list of complaints they have. Grey has been looking for the right woman for years and is starting to doubt  that she is out there. He concocts a list of the qualities he seeks.

Gorgeous Carrie Tucker is attempting to obtain her goal as the first female creative  director at Walker & Beane Advertising.  Since she has no significant other, she believes that with a lot of long hours she can be successful in her venture.

Will Grey find the woman he has looked for all of his adult years? Will Carrie become the first female creative director at W&B? Can a simple list be conducive to marriage bliss?

To find the answers to these questions, you must read Jean Joachim’s  fabulous story.

I give this story 4 ½ Sunflowers.

Betty and the Cambion by Ralph Greco, Jr.

Betty and the Cambion

By Ralph Greco, Jr.

Sybarite Press

Erotic horror- short story

Julia Bents, Patty and her twin, Rachel Ebberts, and numerous other college girls have body markings to prove an ordeal they have all been through and are haunted by in their dreams, but cannot remember. There is a secret at Delino House and Betty Fect is determined to become a woman of legend, and remember this night, unlike the other women that went before her. She bravely enters the house and aims to leave informed of the goings on there. Will she succeed in recalling the event that has driven some students mad?

Ralph Grecco, Jr. writes an intriguing and stimulating story.

I give this story 4 Sunflowers.

The Land of the Burned Out Fires by Vella Munn

The Land of the Burned Out Fires

By Vella Munn

Astraea Press

Kayla Stephens has a chance at what every girl dreams of, an attempt at a modeling career. She is no more than average looking, but she has a short photo shoot and is looking forward to the opportunity of a life time. They are going for a few days south of Oregon/Cali to Lava Beds National Park. Both her parents will be working so she is going off with a few girls and a couple of boys, the photographer, and the woman in charge of it all.

Kayla meets a girl her own age, Morning Song. Her son has been abducted and she  seeks Kayla’s help. Kayla cannot concentrate during the photography session as she is so distracted since meeting the mournful girl that she feels so drawn to.

She meets Modoc Indians that existed as far back as 1872. Do you believe in time travel? Going back 140 years? Kayla is living and breathing history.

Vella Munn tells a magnificent, adventurous, historic story that is guaranteed to satisfy readers of all ages. I truly love this story and highly recommend it.

I give this story 4 ¾ Sunflowers.

Love Octagon by Felicia Rogers

Love Octagon

By Felicia Rogers

Astraea Press

Handsome Kevin Smith has four buddies; punctual Mark, religious Jerry, talk show Tom, and big dreamer Fred. Angela Jones works where Kevin does and they have gone on one date. That’s it, one date. His buddies tried to get info out of him, but he told them nothing, and there was not much to tell. Kevin is a true bachelor by every description. He has had his eye on lovely Angela for a while now. Kevin is off next week on vacation.

Angela is single, attractive, and spends her lunch breaks reading.  She also has next week off for vacation.

What transpires is he plans to accomplish tasks around the house that never get done and badly need attention. Ok, here is the part where I refuse to give the story away. I will not tell you what happens because my intention is to get you to read the book to find out for yourself like I had to. You would expect the two of them to get together, right?

Well, I have to tell you that Felicia Rogers weaves a mind boggling tale; very descriptive and plot twisting. You have to read it and see for yourself.

I give this story 3 ¾ Sunflowers.


His Chosen Bride by Sherry Gloag

His Chosen Bride

By Sherry Gloag

Astraea Press

Melanie and Liam happily live in Scotland where they have a farm and run a riding school for children with special needs. Liam’s brother, Henri Pierre Gasquet, has been put on an indeterminate leave of absence by their father, the King. After their father’s heart attack a year ago, Henri took upon all of his responsibilities along with his own. Now that the King has returned to his duties, he has given Henri a reprieve. Not too pleased with the order to do nothing but relax, Henri can not imagine what he will do with himself.

Monica Latimer loves children, the outdoors, animals, and life. She also has a third eye, or premonitions. This usually sends people running. Handsome and arrogant Henri blames her for his being ordered to take a rest and being sent to Scotland to do so.

Henri is all about the kingdom and taking one for the team. Little does he know what his future holds for him.

Sherry Gloag’s story is one that picked me up and did not put me down until I finished it. Definitely a breath of fresh air.

I give this story 4 ¾ Sunflowers.

Journey to Her Dreams by Iris Blobel

Journey to Her Dreams

By Iris Blobel

Astraea Press

Sam is a young, successful woman and lives in Dublin Ireland. Her husband, Padriac, is a generous, attention doling man who loves and adores his wife. There is nothing that he would deny her, that is, unless he has been drinking, or doesn’t get his way. Alcohol turns him into Mr. Hyde and he becomes forceful and abusive.  Sam is arrogant, snobbish, and conceited. Money and appearance count more than character.

Hollie is a genuine, loving young woman and lives in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia).  She  lives with her dad, Murray. She meets a handsome Jeremy one night and realizes by night’s end  that she had terrible judgment.

Hollie wonders if she is having painful nightmares about a woman on the other side of the world. Does this woman exist? Is the woman in her dreams actually herself in the future? Is this actually happening to an unknown woman?  She has no idea who the woman is, but knows very intimate details about her. She feels maybe if she locates this woman, perhaps her nightmares will cease. Hollie’s lifelong friends Davo and Alex are there for her every step of the way.

Iris Blobel writes a story that for me was not a page turner in the very beginning.  But when I finally got hooked, I could not put it down.

I give this story 4 ½  Sunflowers