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Better Than Catnip by Ruth J. Hartman

April 9, 2012

Better Than Catnip

By Ruth J. Hartman

Astraea Press

Roxy Williams’ whole life revolves around her cat shelter. She lives, eats, and sleeps felines. From trapping feral cats, scooping out litter boxes, adopting out kitties, and wearing kitty cat pj’s, it is in her blood. Teresa Lynn is her assistant and best friend.

One day, handsome hunk Max Weller and his ‘mini me’, eleven year old son, Derek come through the door and Roxy will never be the same again.

Ruth J. Hartman writes a ‘tail’ with a sense of humor, love, and whimsical visions of life that we all can relate to. I think the part that I love most is that Roxy is a real woman.  Ms. Hartman tells a story of a woman that is not the epitome of perfection. Grace is not Roxy’s middle name.

I would love to read more about Roxy and her cat shelter. Hint, maybe a sequel? I loved Better Than Catnip, could not stop reading it, and I am sorry that I finished it because I did not want it to end.

I give this story 5 Sunflowers.


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  1. Thank you so much for the terrific review! I appreciate it 🙂

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