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The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer by Lisa Orchard

March 22, 2012

The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer

By Lisa Orchard

Astraea Press


Fourteen and fifteen year old,  green eyed and blond, Sara and Lacey Cole are spending the summer at their aunt and uncle’s house. They come from the big city, Walker, and are unsure what kind of summer they might have here in the small town of Harrisburg, Michigan.

One hot, humid day Sarah meets Jacqueline Jenkins. Jackie is five inches taller, skinny, curly headed, and fashion conscious. The topic of conversation is the crazy, cat lady that lives down the street. Jackie swears the old woman is a witch. Strange things have been happening to people in and around her house.

Sarah decides that Jackie is the ying to her yang. This could be a great summer after all. They meet up the next day and play truth or dare. The three girls discover that the cat lady has been murdered. They are bound and determined to find this woman’s killer.

Lisa Orchard writes a most descriptive story of the teenage girl’s adventures. This, my fellow readers, is the most exciting, fast paced, realistic, educational, emotional, ‘you just can’t put it down’ books! Truly a story to entice any aged reader.

I absolutely loved it and I want to see more of these Super Spies.

I give Lisa Orchard’s fabulous story 5 Sunflowers!


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  1. Great review! I enjoyed this book too!

  2. Great review!!! Can’t wait to read this one…

  3. Thanks for reviewing my story! I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂

  4. I really appreciate the review, thank you for taking your time to read my story and give me such a wonderful review! It made my day! 🙂

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