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The Land of the Burned Out Fires by Vella Munn

March 13, 2012

The Land of the Burned Out Fires

By Vella Munn

Astraea Press

Kayla Stephens has a chance at what every girl dreams of, an attempt at a modeling career. She is no more than average looking, but she has a short photo shoot and is looking forward to the opportunity of a life time. They are going for a few days south of Oregon/Cali to Lava Beds National Park. Both her parents will be working so she is going off with a few girls and a couple of boys, the photographer, and the woman in charge of it all.

Kayla meets a girl her own age, Morning Song. Her son has been abducted and she  seeks Kayla’s help. Kayla cannot concentrate during the photography session as she is so distracted since meeting the mournful girl that she feels so drawn to.

She meets Modoc Indians that existed as far back as 1872. Do you believe in time travel? Going back 140 years? Kayla is living and breathing history.

Vella Munn tells a magnificent, adventurous, historic story that is guaranteed to satisfy readers of all ages. I truly love this story and highly recommend it.

I give this story 4 ¾ Sunflowers.


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  1. great recommendation

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