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Love Octagon by Felicia Rogers

March 6, 2012

Love Octagon

By Felicia Rogers

Astraea Press

Handsome Kevin Smith has four buddies; punctual Mark, religious Jerry, talk show Tom, and big dreamer Fred. Angela Jones works where Kevin does and they have gone on one date. That’s it, one date. His buddies tried to get info out of him, but he told them nothing, and there was not much to tell. Kevin is a true bachelor by every description. He has had his eye on lovely Angela for a while now. Kevin is off next week on vacation.

Angela is single, attractive, and spends her lunch breaks reading.  She also has next week off for vacation.

What transpires is he plans to accomplish tasks around the house that never get done and badly need attention. Ok, here is the part where I refuse to give the story away. I will not tell you what happens because my intention is to get you to read the book to find out for yourself like I had to. You would expect the two of them to get together, right?

Well, I have to tell you that Felicia Rogers weaves a mind boggling tale; very descriptive and plot twisting. You have to read it and see for yourself.

I give this story 3 ¾ Sunflowers.



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