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The Togetherness Routine by Margaret Pearce

February 26, 2012

The Togetherness Routine

by Margaret Pearce

Astraea Press (YA)

Gail’s mom has remarried and now she has a new step dad and step brother. Her brother, her mom, and herself were a close knit family before. They don’t need the intrusion of these people. Why did mom have to marry him?

She’s been best friends with Kelvin for the past seven years. Everything she does is in a foursome with her brother Garry, his date, and Kelvin. She has no need for anyone else. Sure her grades are failing, but school just gets in the way of all the stuff they do.

Gail is 14, going on 15 and Kelvin is 16 going on 17. They don’t need adults to control them. They are grown up enough to deal with their own lives. Now her stupid step dad has gone and said that she has to cool things down with Kelvin because her assignments are behind and her grades are poor. How could her mom agree with this? This is so wrong.

Or is it? Gail has to rearrange her priorities and realize that there will be many more boyfriends, relationships, and many years to enjoy life.

Margaret’s story gives a life’s lesson.

I give this story 4 Sunflowers



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