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Legend of the Inero Dragon by J.F. Jenkins

February 19, 2012

Legend of the Inero Dragon

By J.F. Jenkins

Astraea Press

In the village of Nessan lives Katarina Anna Leigh Reina. Unhappily she lives with her abusive mom and cheating, abusive dad. Five years ago she met her best friend Matt. He speaks of an Elite group of women that he says Kat would be perfect for. She hopes only of getting away from her family however that may be.

Gwenaelle Dolorn notices that three young, attractive men have entered the village and they are of the Inero Royal Guard. She is fearful and curious as to their presense.

Matthias and his twin brother Jason know all too well that the guardsmen are out and about the country side to hand select their wives for the next days ceremony.

J.F. Jenkins tells a story of a modern world, but with a twist of fantasy. Dragons walk amongst us in the form of man. To carry on their existence they need human women to mate with and bring to term their offspring. An amazing, wonderful fantasy in which this author answers all questions you could possibly have and more.

But the world can not be all beautiful, such as the world we live in today, there has to be blight, dissension, war amid the nations. Good and evil rears its ugly head and the rumblings of war can be heard throughout the land.

This story can stand alone or answer your questions to Legend of the Oceina Dragon.

This reviewer gives this story 4 ¼ Sunflowers.



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