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Oral Expressions by Ann Campbell

February 3, 2012

Oral Expressions

By Ann Campbell

Erotic-36 pages


Did you ever lust for someone and think of them every second of every day? What if that someone mutually lusted for you?

Everyone has their dirty secrets. So why should Elle Dupree and Trey Cano be any different? Elle, is an attractive, but ordinary woman. She has a well-respected day job and plans to keep her night job a secret.

Trey is a sexy junior attorney at a prestigious law firm in Austin, Texas. He has a bachelor party for a friend of his and thought it would be different to have a phone sex operator instead of a stripper.

This is my first time reviewing an erotic story and I have to say that I loved it!! Ann Campbell tells the story of 2 very separate people that may have something in common. Ann gives this story a plot and there are twists that make it whimsical and very real to life.

I give ‘Oral Expressions’ 5 Sunflowers


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One Comment
  1. Ann permalink

    Thank you so very much for the review. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it

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