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Teeth and Talons-A Horror Anthology by Samantha Combs

January 19, 2012

Teeth and Talons

A Horror Anthology By Samantha Combs


The Ink Man

Down on his luck and in need of cash, Darryl Stickett, a drunken tattoo artist pawns his ink kit. Little does he know that he has sunk to a low that he may never crawl out of. He returns to buy it back but the owner of the pawn shop sold it. He purchases another ink kit, as long as it does the job, no big deal, right? He has no idea that he has bought himself into a nightmare that he may never wake from.

Samantha Combs unique style of writing brings you the smells, sounds, and visuals of sheer terror. This story is a page turner and I loved it. Her style reminds me of another famous author.

The Robbery Count Down

Steve, Eddie, and Donny’s liquor store robbery turns into something totally unexpected. Definitely frightening and original.

Rock and Roll All Night

Lucas, Talon, Spyder and Joker are playing The Hive tonight for some cash and a light snack. Once again this author adds her unique twists and turns to surprise us.

The Chair

George is more than irate with Tim because he is not holding to the agreement they made when they became apartment mates. The old adage comes to mind, ‘One person’s trash is another’s treasure.’ Once again Samantha describes this story in full, chilling detail. Thrilling.

I give this anthology 5 Sunflowers



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