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Everspell by Samantha Combs

January 17, 2012


By Samantha Combs

Astraea Press

Ever since Logan Daniels met Serena Star as she registered for classes last year they have not been apart for a day. What had started out as a normal day for Logan turned into a beautiful, intriguing, sparkling adventure for them.

Serena Star is a beautiful, young witch who is growing into her position of leadership within her coven. Logan Daniels is a human young man but after meeting Serena he discovers that he has super human powers.

They first met in Spellbound and their love started to unfold as a blossom will when nurtured. Now in Everspell, their relationship matures and their future is bright and promising.

Samantha Combs continues in her style of never failing to surprise and bewilder her readers. The plot twists and turns are as fulfilling, if not more so, as they were in Spellbound.

I fell in love with these characters in the first book and I had hoped for more of them. This reviewer is very excited that Samantha made my wish come true.

Samantha has developed all of her characters and moved the story forward. This is the second in a series but can also stand alone.

I will not give the story away, else why would anyone want to read it then? I can tell you this, it is an exciting, stimulating, riveting read. I highly recommend it.

I give Everspell 4 ¾ Sunflowers.


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