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Talon, Come Fly With Me by Gigi Sedlmayer

Talon, Come Fly With Me

By Gigi Sedlmayer

Book Pal

Matica is a sweet, ten year old with green eyes, long, wavy, sandy blonde hair, and golden brown skin. Kind, loving, and gifted are her attributes, yet she has a growth deficiency. She lives in a village of Pucara,  Peru  in the Andes. The villagers have not been accepting of Matica since she moved there with her parents and brother. Due to her size, they ignore and tease her.

There is a pair of condors that the villagers regard as bad and evil. Matica is gifted in the way that she can communicate with the condors. The villagers discover  that they were wrong in their  original opinion of both Matica and the large birds. As with any ignorance to knowledge, people will act differently. Once the knowledge is obtained, all people are more accepting and understanding.

Gigi Sedlmayer writes a descriptive story of a little girl overcoming her disability. The villagers overcome their  prejudices and discriminations. It is a story for all ages. Talon, Come Fly With Me is the first of a series.

I give this story 4 ¼ Sunflowers.


A Special English Rose by Lindsay Downs

A Special English Rose

By Lindsay Downs

It is February 10, 1915 in Chippingham, England, U.K.  Sandy brown haired, Flight Lieutenant James Norton is an American pilot that enlisted in Canada to stop the Huns.

The Duke and Duchess have a daughter, Christina. Lady Christina has lavender blue eyes and auburn hair. Her twenty-first birthday ball is but a couple days away, and James has been excluded. Her dad, the Duke, has a poor impression of Americans.  Christina and her mom are doing their best to get him invited.

Both Christina and James believe that they have found the one they have been searching for. Will Christina’s father get in their way? You have to read it to find out.

Lindsay Down’s tells a story of young love and describes it well.

I give this story 4 ½ Sunflowers.


Better Than Catnip by Ruth J. Hartman

Better Than Catnip

By Ruth J. Hartman

Astraea Press

Roxy Williams’ whole life revolves around her cat shelter. She lives, eats, and sleeps felines. From trapping feral cats, scooping out litter boxes, adopting out kitties, and wearing kitty cat pj’s, it is in her blood. Teresa Lynn is her assistant and best friend.

One day, handsome hunk Max Weller and his ‘mini me’, eleven year old son, Derek come through the door and Roxy will never be the same again.

Ruth J. Hartman writes a ‘tail’ with a sense of humor, love, and whimsical visions of life that we all can relate to. I think the part that I love most is that Roxy is a real woman.  Ms. Hartman tells a story of a woman that is not the epitome of perfection. Grace is not Roxy’s middle name.

I would love to read more about Roxy and her cat shelter. Hint, maybe a sequel? I loved Better Than Catnip, could not stop reading it, and I am sorry that I finished it because I did not want it to end.

I give this story 5 Sunflowers.

The Christmas Phoenix by Patricia Kiyono

The Christmas Phoenix

By Patricia Kiyono

Astraea Press

Jess Tate is a self sufficient, sprite of a woman. She waitresses at a hotel and runs her own landscaping/lawn business. Jess is widowed with a fourteen year old son.

Jess has the misfortune of meeting cranky Jake Thompson. She accidentally plowed his driveway and the man nearly took her head off. Not to give the story away, people are not always what they seem.

Patricia Kiyono enfolds a story that surely is not just for the Christmas season, but all year through. This story gives me hope and a warm feeling in my heart.

I give The Christmas  Phoenix 4 ½ Sunflowers.

The Lonely Heart by Jacquelyn Webb

The Lonely Heart

By Jacquelyn Webb

Astraea Press

Jacquelyn Webb writes a very unique story of mistaken identity. Let me tell you that she grabbed me from the first chapter. The story is set in and about London. Quiet, unassuming, brown haired, and gray eyed Melissa Morris is twenty and going through life in the drabbest way.

Her housemate, Sonia Hamilton, is wealthy, and flashy. She is loving her way through life and having a wonderful time. She has finally influenced Melissa to dress in an attention getting wig and her clothes. What ensues is refreshing and invigorating.

Green eyed, Peter Darcy, Sonia’s cousin, can’t even tell them apart. That is, until Melissa is dressed in her own style.

I give The Lonely Heart 4 ½ Sunflowers.

Hooked Up Over Spring Break- Anthology

Hooked Up Over Spring Break

Erotic Anthology

Sybarite Seductions

Old Habits by Sandra Sookoo

Jillian Elwood’s is a history professor’s assistant. She is chaperoning college students on spring break to Clear Water, Florida. She’s yearning for entertainment for the night, and she got it.

4 Sunflowers

Island Exploration by Emma Lai

Professor Josh Harper incorrectly thought adults only meant only adults, but it means couples only. Now he has to spend the trip without hope of meeting a single woman, or does he?

4 Sunflowers

Tension Relief by D. L. Shorts

Rayne’s college roommate, Kim, invited her to vacation at her family’s lake house. Now mom, dad, and uncle are going to be there also. Will they still have a fun time? Little did Rayne know what a hottie Kim’s uncle is.

4 Sunflowers

Out for a Spin by Sandra Sookoo

Work is the only thing that drives Kevin Russell. Sometimes he day dreams about his partner, but he keeps his thoughts to himself. Cara Sanders has more than business on her mind and she is not about to keep it a secret.

4 Sunflowers

Letting Her Hair Down by Emma Lai

Liza Chambers is really a librarian and she looks the part.  But don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

4 Sunflowers

As a whole, I give this anthology 4 Sunflowers


Product Testing by Ann Campbell

Product Testing

By Ann Campbell

Cobblestone Press


J.P.’s erotic store, Good Vibrations, is lacking in sales. If revenue doesn’t pick up, he may have to close shop. His three employees are wonderful and helpful. They concoct a plan to increase business and that is to dress up in the costumes they sell. This adds a sexy, new light to his plain and unspicy employee, Tessa. He is now drawn to her, to put it nicely.

Ann Campbell writes a unique and stimulating story, very creative!

I give Product Testing 4 ½ Sunflowers.